Welcome to Roadlab

Are you frustrated with rough and bumpy roads on your daily commute? Are you looking for a way to report road problems to road agencies so you and others can have a smoother ride? Now, a free app - Road Lab for Androids - is created to help you do that easily. All you need to do is to have Road Lab app running on your phone while driving and all road problems will be reported automatically with GPS location information to road management agencies. Road Lab is designed by the World Bank in collaboration with Beldor Center and Softteco and Progress Analytics LLC. (http://progressana.com). With accelerometers on your smartphones, this app evaluates road conditions, detects major road bumps, and reports road safety hazards. You can even upload a picture of potholes, black spots, or road accidents, etc with a simple click. This app is developed to promote citizen engagement in road management and enhance government accountability by enabling road agencies to promptly respond to collectively identified road problems. The app runs on all Android devices, such as Android smartphones or tablets. Please click the link below to download the app. No data plan is required for running this app. All data collected can be synchronized when wifi is available. The app is turned on automatically, when the speed of your vehicle reaches 30km/h. You can also manually turn it on/off by pressing the 'start' or 'stop' button. To use the app, the mobile device has to be placed on a stable surface in your vehicle, such as on the dashboard or mounted to the vehicle windshield. Otherwise, the app will automatically remind the user to place the device somewhere else with a red light. It is that simple! Please note that all accelerometers data are collected anonymously, so your privacy is guaranteed while you contribute to the joint efforts to improve road conditions. Why hesitate? Come join us now!

Link to the App on Google Play